Michael Bolton cd All that Matters


1. “Safe Place from the Storm” Michael Bolton, Diane Warren 5:22
2. “The Best of Love” Babyface, Michael Bolton 4:19
3. “Let’s Make a Long Story Longer” Michael Bolton, Jamie Houston 4:39
4. “A Heart Can Only Be So Strong” Diane Warren 5:02
5. “Fallin'” Tony Rich 3:47
6. “Forever’s Just a Matter of Time” Michael Bolton, Jamie Houston 4:28
7. “Whenever I Remember Loving You” Michael Bolton, Garry Burr 4:26
8. “Show Her the Way” Michael Bolton, Barry J. Eastmond 4:42
9. “Why Me” Babyface, Michael Bolton, Lamont Dozier 4:36
10. “Can’t Get Close Enough to You” Michael Bolton, Barry J. Eastmond, Jamie Houston 4:46
11. “Let There Be Love” Michael Bolton, Jamie Houston 5:23
12. “Pleasure or Pain” Michael Bolton, Tony Rich, Diane Warren 4:06
13. “Go the distance” Alan Menken, David Zippel 4:42
14. “When There Are No Words” Michael Bolton, Antonio Jeffries 4:16


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